"The unconscious wants truth. It never ceases to speak to us, not even to those who want something else, more or other than truth."
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'Capitani' now airing on Netflix - it's in the top 10!
Pre-production of the ROSENBERGFESTSPIELE in full swing: First press meetings and reading rehearsals <3
Film / TV / Web:
° Feb. 2021
- recording meditations for a new nature trail - more to come!
- recording a new Zeeman Kids commercial voiceover
° Jan. 2021
- recording German and Luxembourgish narrations for a children's smart phone app - more to come!
- AN ZERO (produced by Skill Lab) in the role of the newsreader // voice off 
- recording Luxembourgish drama/crime series CAPITANI's audio description for VSI London - stay tuned!
° Dec. 2020
 - 'MERCI'  shortfilm is online - an homage to health care professionals during the Covid_19 crises for the Luxembourg Government produced by Moskito 
° May - Aug. 2021
- in the roles of the everyman's MOTHER (Jedermann's Mutter) and the DEEDS (die Werke) in the great classic play EVERYMAN (JEDERMANN)  by Hugo von Hofmannsthal
- in the role of the NARRATOR in Paul Maars's children's play SAMS (Eine Woche voller Samstage)

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