"The unconscious wants truth. It never ceases to speak to us, not even to those who want something else, more or other than truth."
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Film / TV / Web:
° Sept. 2020
- Voice-Over work for Luxembourg for Finance, corporate film produced by FrameArt Media
° August 2020
MOVE! 'Tanz der Finsternis' (where I did the voiceover for KAE ISHIMOTO) is now available on ARTE until Nov. 14th, 2020
- Our 7-episode book trailer series THE AUGMENTED MAN is now fully available on my YouTube channel
° July 2020
- Voice-Over work for Vision21.de's stunning documentary 'New Zealand'
° autumn/winter 2020/21
Theater-Cabaret 'Wann e Salamander mat dem Feier spillt'
with the KMK (kabarettmarsklein) ensemble - in German & Luxembourgish language
Due to caution and uncertainty around live events in the times of Covid-19, we are unable to confirm exact show dates as yet. We invite you to stay tuned for up-dated information.

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