Sabine Rossbach Copyright: David Ghisa
"The unconscious wants truth. It never ceases to speak to us, not even to those who want something else, more or other than truth."

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ROSENBERGFESTSPIELE theater festival opened on June 27th! Book your tickets here :)) just click the underlined

Happy to announce my actor representation in Germany by Agentur Schauspielquartier

Film / TV / Web:

° June 2021

- recording a new Zeeman Kids commercial (voiceover)

° April 2021

- filmshooting with Mediation Marketing Agency for Chambre des Salariés 



° June28th - August 8th 2021
- in the roles of the everyman's MOTHER (Jedermann's Mutter) the DEEDS (die Werke) and the LADY GUEST (Festgästin) in the great classic play EVERYMAN (JEDERMANN)  by Hugo von Hofmannsthal

- in the role of the NARRATOR in Paul Maars's children's play SAMS (Eine Woche voller Samstage)