"The unconscious wants truth. It never ceases to speak to us, not even to those who want something else, more or other than truth."
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Film / TV / Web:
°June 21st, 2019
- Filming in the role of the JOURNALIST in GR5, a brand new roadmovie/thriller/TV series, directed by Jan Matthys, produced by Zodiak Belgium and ZDF Neo (Germany)
°June 9th, 2019
- Filming in the role of ADA MISERI in Laurent Thiry's TV series pilot 'Gielemännercher', his final year project at BTS Cinéma et Audiovisuel
° Touring began! Theater-Cabaret:
'Wann e Salamander mat dem Feier spillt' with the KMK (kabarettmarsklein) ensemble - in German & Luxembourgish language
- next show: Nov. 8th, 20 h in Steinfort (for info&tickets please click the underlined)

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