Sabine Rossbach Copyright: David Ghisa
"The unconscious wants truth. It never ceases to speak to us, not even to those who want something else, more or other than truth."

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Film / TV / Web/ Audio:

° March

- commercial shooting WIN/WIN produced by Studio Frank Weber

- dubbing the character ALPHA for RTL Kannativi
written&produced by ZEILT Productions

° January 2022

- new voiceover ZEEMAN TV commercial

° November 2021

- short film 'Maria' by Panagiota Florou & Kasia West, in the role of the MOTHER


° Rehearsals started on April 23rd for the ROSENBERGFESTSPIELE 2022 !

(for full info & tickets, pls click the underlined)

- Aschenputtel in the role of stepsister  KITTY
- Schtonk! in the role of Knobel's wife  BIGGI
- Maria Stuart in the roles of  MARIA/ELISABETH