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Born at the Bavarian/Thuringian border in Germany, I had mostly been acting on stage throughout my childhood and teenage years. In connection with both, work as a foreign correspondent (my first learned profession) and as a semi-professional model later, I made first experiences with the camera rolling. 

Over the years, I kept gravitating towards that which is not 'me', questioning if there was something else 'other' than me, at all.

Observing and studying life in human form is one thing, but portraying, expressing and sharing it in all its glory is quite another. I understood that I had to learn a craft.

So, I attended monthly regular actors' workshops with the Giles Foreman Center for Acting in London and Luxembourg until 2014.
From 2013 to 2017, I  trained at the Conservatory of Luxembourg's drama section.


Next to the world at large, theaters, filmsets, events and recording studios are my playground.

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CV- Deutsch

CV- English

CV- Français

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